Charts for Your Reports

There are many charts and graphs spread across Tempo’s interfaces to help you get a good visualization of your data at a glance. However, the Reports screen goes a little farther, providing you with a set of charts that will adapt to describe the data in the current report.

Charts button 500w

When you load the Reports screen, you’ll see an “ADD CHARTS + GRAPHS” button at the top of the Results panel. Clicking it reveals a series of charts you can call up into view on the Results panel.

Charts revealed 500w

Adding charts to your Results panel makes them available in the printed view, simply use your browser’s print function to test it out or to see a print preview.

Charts printing 500w

Trend Line Chart

The Trend chart shows total hours over time for the current report, a visualization you can use to quickly identify positive or negative growth trends for your business. The red line laying over the chart is calculated using Linear Regression to show the overall up/down trend over time.

Aggregate over time 500w

Utilization Bar Chart

The light blue horizontal range on this chart denotes the full time utilization for the people in the report. This allows you to see how the reported time compares to full-time utilization, and to quickly identify gaps in your records. This range will depend on how many people are working on the project.

Aggregate bar over time 500w

In determining utilization, we assume that if one person works full-time on the project, he will devote at minimum 7 hours per day, and at maximum 9 hours per day. Likewise, if two people are working on the project, a full -time range would be total between 14 and 18 hours per day. Using this chart, you can view how close your team is to working full time on a project.

People Pie Chart

Use this chart to see which people in a report share what percentage of the time reported.

User hours 500w

Project Pie Chart

Use this chart to see which of your projects are taking up the most and least time in your report.

Project hours 500w

People Line Chart

This is another visualization of who’s doing the work in your report, and perhaps one of the more interesting ones, providing the view over the time range of the report.

Users over time 500w

Project Line Chart

Similar to the People Line Chart, this provides you another view of which projects are taking up the time in your report and when.

Projects over time 500w

Tag Distribution Chart

Use this chart to see how hours are allocated over tags. If you use tags to denote tasks on a project, for example, this would give you a decent idea of which tasks are taking up the most time on your project.

Tag hour distributions 500w

If you have attached multiple tags to a time entry, then that time entry counts toward each of the totals calculated in this chart. For example, suppose we create a time slip for 3 hours tagged with design and rails. When Tempo creates this chart, this time slip would add three hours to the design bar as well as the rails bar.