How to subscribe to an RSS time feed

Go to the either the Time or Reports screen, and you’ll see in the top right corner of the page an link for RSS. Click on it and copy the web address from the browser.

If you want a feed for a particular report, first dial in your report options at the top of the screen, load the report and save it.

Rss 1 500w

Once you’ve saved your report, the RSS link will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen — this is the link for your saved report. New entries that fit the criteria of this report will appear in the feed. Copy this link in order to subscribe to it in your favorite feed reader.

Subscribing to the feed

Open your favorite RSS viewer. We like Google Reader, so we’ll use that for our example. In Google Reader, there is an “Add Subscription” button up near the top left of the screen. Click that, and paste the link you copied above into the text field that appears and save it.

Google reader subscribe 500w

If you click the RSS link in the Safari web browser, you’ll get a nice preview of what kind of information is available about your entries in the feed.

Rss 2 500w

How to import projects from Basecamp

Before getting started make sure you already have an account with Basecamp, the popular online project management service. Also, make sure your Tempo account is a Moderato-level account or higher.

Importing Basecamp projects uses the Basecamp API, so you’ll need to take a few steps to set things up:

  1. Enable API access in your Basecamp account.
  2. Fill in your Basecamp account info on your Tempo account profile.

Log in to your Basecamp account, go to the “Account (Upgrade/Billing)” tab, and scroll down to select the option to enable access to your account via the Basecamp API.

Next, log in to Tempo, and go to the Accounts page, and at the top of the page click the ‘other applications’ link. Scroll down to the section titled ‘Basecamp Settings.’

There you enter the full domain name you use to access your basecamp account (i.e., your username, and your password. If your Basecamp account supports SSL, then check the box. Use the “Check your settings…” link to run a quick test. Finally, save your Tempo profile.

Now you’re ready to import your projects! Save the changes to your profile and head over to the Project Dashboard. Click the “Basecamp” link to bring up a listing of all your Basecamp projects, allowing you to select which ones to import.

In addition to creating a new Tempo project for your Basecamp project, Tempo will also make a list of people from your company assigned to the project in Basecamp and invite them to join the Tempo project. Tempo names the project after the Basecamp company name and project so you can easily identify it among your other projects:

Basecamp and OpenID

It is possible to integrate Tempo with Basecamp while using OpenID. Here are two good ways to do so:

1. Set up a separate Tempo account in Basecamp, making sure that it has access to all of your Basecamp projects. Now connect Tempo with this Basecamp account.

2. You can also access the “API username” for your Basecamp account. First log into Basecamp and click on the My info link in the top right corner.

This brings up your profile page. Next look for the section on OpenID. You will see a link that says “Reveal my special username/password.”

Clicking this link will bring up the Basecamp API username for your account. Use these credentials in your Tempo account.

How to generate a Blinksale invoice

Using this feature requires you to have one of the paid accounts on Tempo. Also, you must already have an account with Blinksale, the popular online invoicing service to use this feature.

To access your Blinksale account, you’ll need to fill in a couple of fields in your user Profile. To get there, click the Profile link at the top of your screen:

Profile link 500w

Once the profile screen loads, click on the “Integrations” link:

Integrations link 500w

Scroll down on this panel until you see the Blinksale settings, and simply fill them out to match your account:

Panel blinksale 500w

Click the “Check your settings…” link to test that your settings are working correctly. Don’t forget to save your settings by clicking the “Save Information” button.

Once you’ve got these settings in place, you can begin generating invoices with your reports. Invoices work just like everything else on the Reports screen — what you see is what you get. Select the entries you wish to invoice by creating a report. Click the Invoice button at the bottom right of the Filter Time panel and you’ll see the Invoice form for Blinksale:

Invoice link 500w

The Invoice panel slides into view. The pop-up menu at the top-right of the panel lets you switch between Blinksale and Quickbooks invoicing. Make sure this is set to Blinksale.

Blinksale 2 500w

The Client pop-up menu provides a list of the clients you have set up in your Blinksale account. Select the client, add an Invoice # and you’re good to go — the other fields are optional:

Finish the process by clicking the “Create invoice” button to generate the invoice in Blinksale. After Tempo generates the invoice you’ll see a direct link to follow into Blinksale where you can review your invoice details and deliver it to the recipient.

How to generate a Quickbooks Invoice

Generating a QuickBooks invoice is easy. Before you get started make sure your Tempo account is a Moderato-level account or higher. Create the desired report containing the time slips you want to invoice, and then click the Invoicing tab. You will see the Invoice form and you can use the first drop down menu to select ‘Quickbooks.’

The fields Quickbooks Account, Invoice #, and Item are required for a successful import into Quickbooks. Depending on your QuickBooks chart of accounts you many want to adjust the account and item settings. Fill in the appropriate information and click the Create invoice button to generate the invoice for QuickBooks.

Download the QuickBooks invoice file and import it into Quickbooks. Once you import the invoice, simply select the Quickbooks Customer/Job to finalize!