Is there a mobile web interface?

Yes! Just you point your phone or mobile web browser at and you’ll be presented with a simple screen that allows you to enter your billing. The mobile interface looks like this:

Mobile interface

How do I log time through email?

In the Account section, Tempo allows you to set your own email alias.

Email alias 500w

After choosing an alias, you may log time by sending emails to and our software will read your time entry from the e-mail and record it in your account. If, for example, you set your alias to “kkogane”, you would send your time entries to

A word about formatting: you can put your time entry in either the subject or the body of the message, but it’s important that you use this format:

num_of_hours description #project @tag @tag @tag

Each piece of information is not required, but you do need to give Tempo enough information to do the right thing. For instance, if num_of_hours is left off, Tempo assumes you are looking to start a timer. You could start a timer simply by providing a project or a tag specification.

If no project is specified, Tempo uses the last project you billed time (or started a timer) on. If another timer is running, starting a new timer stops the old one.

Here’s an example logging 3 hours to a project that is named Conglomo Web Gate, and we want to tag it with the words development and testing:

3 Unit testing for modules in ISAPI filter #conglomo @development @testing

Note: Starting timers via email requires that you begin your command with the word ‘start’. This is not required for other forms of text-entry in Tempo, just email. For a full break-down of Tempo’s command-line-style text entry syntax, check out our cheat sheet.

How do I log time through Twitter?

Just log into Tempo and enter your Twitter ID on the Account section. Be sure to save your profile at the bottom of the page before continuing.

Once Tempo knows your Twitter ID you can log time entries by sending a direct message to our ‘keeptempo’ account. The message must begin with d keeptempo and follow the standard message format. Consider the following example that logs 2 hours to the project ‘Tempo’ with ‘html’ and ‘documentation’ as tags:

Mobile twitter

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our keeptempo account must follow your account in order for us to recieve your messages (this is Twitter’s requirement, not ours). Tempo follows you automatically when add your Twitter id to your profile so you usually won’t need to do anything. However, if you have your Twitter account set to “protected”, then you must explicitly accept our friend request or you won’t be able to log time.

For a full break-down of Tempo’s command-line-style text entry syntax, check out our cheat sheet.

Is there an iPhone app?

No, we don’t have a native iPhone application for Tempo. The best option for iPhone users is our mobile web interface. You can try it out now by going to Typically, you’ll want to go directly to your account, so you should try to include your account’s subdomain in the URL. For example, ours would be, since our subdomain is zetetic.