How do I create a new project?

In the left sidebar, click the Projects link and a new page will display all of your current projects. Selecting the green “Create a new project” link at the top of the page will start the process and bring you to screen where you can enter in the name of the project and provide an estimate for the work hours this project will take to complete.

Projects head 500w

You may provide a list of tags you would prefer your collaborators to use by listing them in the Seed Tags text box. After clicking ‘Create project’ button, it will appear among your other projects.

New project 500w

Can I add an estimate/budget?

When you create or edit a project you can enter the estimated or budgeted hours for that project.

Estimate hour 500w

As you and your team log time to the project, the bar graph next to your project indicates how many of the estimated work hours you have used up. The chart changes color as you get closer to your estimated time.

Progress 500w

The gray bars next to each collaborator function as a quick measure of how much time each person has contributed to the project so far. With the streamline display of the dashboard, you can manage multiple projects quickly and easily.

How do I add people?

In Tempo, in order to add people to your projects, they have to be on your team — you create a user account and password for each of your team members so they can access your account and bill time to the projects you assign them.

On the projects screen, scroll to the desired project and click on “Settings & Team.”

Team link 500w

This will open the project’s management screen. Simply scroll down to view the team membership. At the bottom of the list you can choose to add an existing team member to the project.

Project add user 500w

If you need to add a new person to your team, click the “Add new user” link shown in the screen above, and this will bring you to the new user screen.

Team new user 500w

Once you’ve created the user profile you’ll be taken to a screen allowing you to adjust other properties of the user:

Team edit user 500w

However, we’re not done yet — now that you’ve created a new user you still have to assign her to some projects! Click on the “Security” link at the top of the user’s profile and you’ll see numerous settings, along with a series of checkboxes listing the user’s access to each of your projects. Simply check off those that apply and hit “Update Assignments”, and you’re done!

Team user security 500w

How do I remove people?

If the user in question has not added any time to your project yet, you will have the option of removing the user from the project. The option becomes unavailable once the user has added time to the project.

Go to the Projects screen, and select the “Settings & Team” link for the project in question. Scroll down to the “Team Management” panel and you’ll see that some users (those without time entries on the project) have a Remove link you can use to take them right off the project.

Edit project remove 500w

If the user already has timed billed on the project and you just wish to prevent the user from accessing it further, simply click the Edit link, and you can manage the user’s association with the project. You’ll see a checkbox labeled “Active” that you can un-check to deny access to the project:

Edit project inactivate user 500w

Removing the user’s active status prevents him from creating new time slips for that project, yet you will still be able to see their past activity on the project.

Can I delegate all this?

We know how it is, you can’t always do everything yourself. Tempo allows you to delegate users on your team to handle some management tasks for you. For instance, when you assign a user to a project, you can allow the user to manage the project’s membership settings. Additionally, you can enable a user to manage functions of the account — able to manage all project settings and team members, including their security settings.

Enabling Account Management

Go to the Team screen, choose the user you wish to edit, and click on the Security link to bring up the management settings.

Edit user manager 500w

Just click the “Enable account management” link and you’re done.

Enabling Project Management

Go to the same screen outlined above, and you’ll it contains a list of all your projects, with a checkbox indicating whether or not the user has access to the project. Once you’ve checked off the user’s access to the project, you’ll see an additional toggle, “and can manage this project”:

Edit user manage project

Enable this setting for the user on whichever projects he should manage, and click “Update Assignments” to save your changes.