Changing Your Settings

Going to the Profile section allows you to manage the details of your Tempo account. If you are logged in as an account owner or manager, click the Profile link at the top of the screen. Other users can click that or the Account tab on the left-side of the screen. The profile initially loads the Information panel, where you can change your password and basic preferences:

Account 1 500w

Clicking on Preferences reveals various settings you can change, like time zone, time display format, and options for sending time entries into Tempo via email or Twitter.

Account 2 500w

The Integrations panel contains settings allowing you to take advantage of Tempo’s integration features for Blinksale or Basecamp.

Account 3 500w

For Account Owners

You’ll want to click on the Account tab in the left-hand side menu in Tempo and take a look around. The Account screen is where you change account-wide preferences and update your billing information.

Account 4 500w

If you need to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can do so easily. The screen above also shows you how many of your allotted users are in use. If you click over to “Edit Payment Details”, you are informed of whether your account is in good standing and when you will be charged next.

Account 5 500w