Charts, Invoices, and More

After you organize a report in Tempo, you have many options regarding what you can do with the report. Let’s discuss some your options:

  1. exports
  2. invoicing
  3. charts

What really separates Tempo from its comptetitors are the options provided by the exports link in the lower right corner of the reports window. Using this link will allow you to download a copy of that particular report in .PDF and .CSV format.

Export 500w

You can use your reports to easily create a Blinksale or Quickbooks invoice. Simply organize a report to contain the time slips you want to invoice, and then click the Invoice link also located in the lower right hand corner of the reports window.

Invoice 500w

In the results window, in the top left corner, you will see a gray bar that allows you to produce charts regarding the information in the current report. After clicking this bar, you will see your chart options drop down below it; simply select the chart your desire.

Charts graphs 500w

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