Creating a Report

In addition to the myriad of different ways to record your time slips, Tempo offers an easy way to view and organize all this information. Go to the Reports section by using the left sidebar. From this page you can easily organize time slips by specifying the dates, projects, people, and tags.

Report filter 500w

After creating the report, all the relevant time slips will appear in the Results window below:

Report results 500w

Once your have created your report you can make an invoice, or export the information into a .csv or .pdf file for your own records. Tempo also offers a host of different charts and graphs to help you analyze your data. In the upper right hand corner of the Results window you will find links to edit your tags called batch tagging, or lock these time slips so that they can no longer be changed.

After you have finished with that report, you can either clear all the filters to restart or save the search criterion for later reference. Both of these options are located next to the green Load this report button and are highlighted in red.

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