Logging Time

Tempo offers many different options for entering time. After login, you are presented with a text entry form for a simple way to start recording your time. You can find help with the syntax on this page. For those more comfortable filling out a form, click the red button in the lower right hand corner of the Time Entry window.

Time slip form 500w

For your convenience, Tempo allows you to keep track of your time slips using a bookmarklet or the dashboard widget; links to both of these options are highlighted in green.

You may also utilize the Time Entered window located below the entry form to manage your current time slips. This allows you to switch between multiple tasks effortlessly by starting and stopping the time clocks on the left of each time slip.

Time entered 500w

You do not have to be on the Time Entries page in order to log time in Tempo. You can use the Add Time tab located on the left sidebar to log a new time slip at any time while using Tempo. Try it out!

Add time 500w

Using Tempo, you also have the ability to log time using Twitter, E-mail, iPhone, and by sending text messages. Onward!