Starting a Project

To the left of the screen, you will see a sidebar with helpful tabs. Select the Projects tab so we can see our current projects and start a new one. Since you are brand new to Tempo, you only have one project labeled My First Project. To remedy this, click the Create a new project link and a new window will load.

Create project 1 500w

Simply name your project, provide an estimate of how many hours it will take to complete this project, and then submit the information.

Your new project will now appear among all the other projects that you manage. In a glance you can see the total hours currently logged, and by clicking ‘view team’ you can see a list of the people assigned to that project as well. The larger bar indicates your progress toward completing the estimated work hours for the project, and the smaller gray bars indicate the percentage of the total hours that each person contributed.

View project 1 500w

Below each project are links that allow you to edit, delete, or archive a project, making it easy to manage multiple projects at once. To add other contributers or edit your project, click the Settings and Team link in the bottom right corner.

Edit project 1 500w

In the Team Management section, you will see a list of contributors assigned to your project. To invite new ones, enter their email address and invite them join. Or, if you have already worked with somebody through Tempo, use the drop down menu to add them immediately.

Let’s learn more about how to log time.